Monday, December 20, 2010

Fahrenheat Portable Heater - 4000 Watt

My sister uses this Fahrenheat Portable Heater in her basement.It sits right on the carpet,and that's a great thing about this heater.It don't get hot underneath it.

Then she uses it when she heads up to her cabin also,incase she's not in the mood to start a fire in the wood burning stove.This one is easy to carry around,and it's a powerhouse.I live up in Ely Mn and we love our heaters up here too.

Fahrenheat 4000 Watt Electric Heater Portable is something everyone should have in there home,incase your main furnace goes out.This thing could save a home from having it's pipes freeze.It's always nice to have a back up emergency heat source,incase the furnace decides to act up.

4000 watts will heat any room in a house,let alone a small structure.

These portable electric heaters are nice,because you can easily move them around from room,to room.

But anyways..Fahrenheat portable heaters are great to have around.You'll really like this model.A 4000 Watt Electric heater that has a great reputation.

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