Monday, December 20, 2010

1500 Watt Baseboard Heater by Fahrenheat

This is the Fahrenheat Electric 1500 Watt Portable, Liquid-Filled Baseboard Heater, Model# PHH15002

I've owned this heater for a couple of years now,and I have had no problems with it.I use it to keep my upstairs bedroom warm,and warm it is.

The 1500 watt portable basebaord heater is a must for your larger sized rooms.Like big bedroom,or the livingroom.Yea you can use them in the bedroom,just turn the thermostat down.

They save money,they are safe around pets,and kids..and most of all they do what ya want out of them.

These types of liquid filled heaters warm up the oil inside,and it stay warm after shut off.They reall save a person alot of money,because these heaters actually catch the heat.

I'd recommend these types of heaters to anyone.

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