Monday, December 20, 2010

Fahrenheat Electric Baseboard Heater

I purchased these these fahrenheat baseboard heaters for one reason only.To keep my kids rooms warm this winter.These beyond a doubt are the best portable baseboard heaters available on the market.They dont get burning hot,so if my kids touch them,they do not get burned,in other words hurt.There also a cheep way for me to heat the house.I might my 3 more,and heat my home with them next winter,and let my furnace warm the basement.

This model is the Fahrenheat Electric 5120 BTU Baseboard Heater, Model# FBE15002

There great if you have animals,and as I said there safe for kids to be around.I only use them 3-4 hours a day,so believe me when I tell you that these baseboard heaters do the job keeping a home warm.

I love the farenheat 5120.You'll also appreciate having them in the house to.The nice thing about baseboard heaters is they don't take up very much room.

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