Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Electric Heaters For Garages

This here is a portable electric garage heater per say. Sure you can mount it, which I recommend, but it's extremely easy to work with setting up. It will also HEAT your garage. I have a 15 x 30 foot garage, and it heats it nicely in the Minnesota winters.

I know a guy who uses it to heat his 18 x 24 insulated shed, and another couple use one to speed heat there cabin up north, and warm the cabin quickly, and let their wood stove do the rest of the work.

The fan can be a little loud, so I wouldn't watch TV next to it, but it does what it should, and heats the garage nicely. There isn't a whole lot of complaints against this one. One it can be a little loud to some, and the other the thermostat. Some people want to keep their garage just above freezing I suppose. So that's an important issue to some.You can call the company order a new thermostat if that be the case, and easily put it on most certainly does the job!

The reviews are great, and the price is right. There are certainly more expensive heaters out there I could recommend, and this is just a good old all around heater for the price. If not the case, then upgrade.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Good Electric Heater For Bedroom

This is not only a good electric heater for bedroom use, but also for average size living rooms where one wants to take the chill out of the air. This portable heater has excellent reviews and I own one myself. It's economical also and ya can't beat this heater for the price and comes with free shipping to top it off. People in some parts of the country are heating there whole house with this unit and living area. It only costs a buck, or two a day electricity wise. If your in the cold parts of the country, sure a little more,but this electric heater is dang good in affordability to operate. It does the job, and extremely portable and easy to move around, or put away in some spot when not needed. what more can I say, other than this is a dang good electric heater for the bedroom , or any other room in the house.PERIOD!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Portable Electric Home Heaters

It's that time of year again when the chill can start creeping into our homes and we start getting the shivers. Here you'll find a variety of electric portable heaters for the home. Whether it be for your living room, or the kids bedrooms you're find the right electric heater that's specific to get the job done no matter where you'll use it in the house. Portable heaters are nice.When things warm up again,you just put them away for next years use.Many of these models are efficient,and last a life time. You'll find some good wall mounted models to baseboard heaters large & small. Even electric heaters for the garages.So take your time browsing,and see if you find the one that's right for you.

Electric Heaters